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Social Engineering Scam Alert

Industry research indicates that malicious actors have been compromising legitimate websites to post fake information such as phone numbers. The malicious actor then sets up a service to record and then forward every phone call made to their malicious number. The calls are forwarded to legitimate financial institutions in hopes of getting sensitive information. Once the call is over, the malicious actor can then go back and listen to whatever information was discussed which could be social security numbers, account numbers, or just general information about the customer. Any information discovered could be used later to try and gain access to the victim’s bank account or worse.

Legacy Bank wants to help protect you from this attack and all forms of identity theft by sharing information. If you’d like to learn more about identity theft and what you can do to protect yourself, please visit To contact Legacy Bank directly please use the below phone numbers.


Main:                                          (316) 260-3711

Central & Tyler Branch:          (316) 721-9595

Rock Rd. Branch:                      (316) 687-6200

21st Branch:                               (316) 260-3755

Colwich Branch:                        (316) 796-1221

Sedgwick Branch:                     (316) 260-3700

Douglas Ave Branch:                (316) 260-3733

Pratt Branch:                            (620) 672-6421