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Continuing Our Legacy: How Legacy Bank Embraces Community Bank Week and Customer Appreciation Day

Since 1886, our team at Legacy Bank has been recognized as a community bank, meaning we serve the needs of the communities we serve. Through relationships, services, and solutions, we are committed to staying active in our local communities, and we are thrilled to join hands with our valued customers, partners, and neighbors this month to celebrate Community Bank Week and Customer Appreciation Day!


A History Rooted in Community

Community Bank Week provides us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our journey and the values that define us. From our humble beginnings in 1885, when we were formed as the Bank of Colwich, to becoming an integral part of the Wichita, Pratt, Sedgewick, and Colwich communities, we’ve remained steadfast in our dedication to providing personalized service, fostering financial literacy, and supporting local initiatives.

Steven Suellentrop,
President and CEO As part of a community bank fifth-generation strong, Legacy Bank has been centered around relationships with our customers and the communities we serve. Our relationship goes beyond just being a bank to our customers—we go to church with them, we see them at the grocery store—and we have a direct impact on fueling growth within our community.

Our Continued Commitment

One of the hallmarks of community banking is the personalized approach we bring to every interaction. When you partner with a community bank like Legacy, you’re putting your money to work at home and amplifying the economic engine that drives your community. From the bottom to the top, our team makes that growth happen largely through civic involvement in local nonprofits, schools, churches, and other organizations.

Steven Suellentrop,
President and CEO We like to have a physical presence in our communities, supporting local foundations and events not solely through monetary support but through volunteering and showing up in person. While we encourage our staff to get involved, it doesn’t take much encouragement; our team is excited to be involved and truly embrace that community bank mentality.

Join Us in Celebrating

This year, Community Bank Week will be observed from April 22nd through the 27th, with Customer Appreciation Day taking place on Thursday, April 25th. We invite you to join us in celebrating the spirit of community banking! Whether you’re a longtime customer, a prospective client, or a community partner, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this special week. From special customer swag and treats to raffle giveaways, we’re excited to engage with our outstanding community members who’ve been a part of this journey. For Legacy Bank, Community Bank Week isn’t just a week-long event—it’s a celebration of our continued commitment to making a positive impact beyond banking transactions.

Abby Parker,
Vice President of Marketing In the past, Community Bank Week has primarily been celebrated in our rural branches, but this year, we are excited to have all of our branches participate in the festivities! Our team has put a lot of effort into educational pieces highlighting the importance of community banks, what sets Legacy Bank apart, and our positive impact in the areas we serve. We aren’t here without the patronage of our customers, and we want to make sure our customers know their choice of banking does have a tremendous positive impact!

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