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Earn Interest on Your Checking Account

Our team at Legacy Bank discusses how you can make the most of your checking account!

Interested in Interest? How To Make the Most of Your Checking Account

Are you getting the most out of your checking account? Contrary to popular belief, your checking account can earn you money and save you stress when it comes to managing your finances. Our team at Legacy Bank serves customers across the state, with physical locations in Wichita, Colwich, Pratt, and Sedgwick, Kansas, and is dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their money. Check out our favorite tips and tricks for maximizing your interest and making the most of your checking account!

Choose a High-Yield Checking Account

Before you can make the most of your checking account, you have to choose an account that works for you and your money. If you’re looking for the greatest return, our team at Legacy Bank recommends opening a high-yield checking account! These accounts are specifically designed to offer interest rates comparable to, or even exceeding, those of traditional savings accounts. While high-yield accounts often have stricter requirements, such as requiring customers to maintain a minimum balance, make a specific number of debit card transactions per month, or set up direct deposits, the potential interest earnings can make them worthwhile.

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Enroll in Online Banking

Once you open your high-yield checking account, enroll in online banking. Modern online and mobile banking platforms offer valuable tools to help you manage your checking account more effectively, including features like online bill pay, electronic statements, and mobile check deposits. Not only are these tools provided at no cost with a checking account, but they can help you streamline your finances, monitor your account activity, and track your spending.

View our step-by-step guide to get enrolled in online banking today!

Automate Your Finances

We all know that managing your finances can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That’s why we’re all about making things easier. And what is the easiest way to manage your finances? Automate your payments and transfers! Set up direct deposits to avoid signing and depositing your paycheck each pay period, and opt-in to recurring payments for your credit cards and bills. This will help ensure you never miss a month of payments or accrue late fees. Don’t forget—you can also automate transfers between your accounts to help save toward future goals without stressing!

Skip the Fees

As mentioned above, taking advantage of the complimentary tools your high-yield savings account offers can help you save money by skipping the fees. Unfortunately, monthly maintenance, overdraft, and ATM fees can quickly erode the interest and benefits you earn from your checking account. Not to worry! By regularly monitoring your account balance online, utilizing in-network ATMs, and enabling alerts for low balances, large transactions, and suspicious activities, you can avoid penalties and save yourself the added expense.

Legacy Bank Has Account Options That Work For You!

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