How Legacy Bank Protects YOU!

Our Online Banking system uses many lines of defense to protect your account information. From authentication, SSL, exclusive encryption software, high-end firewalls, and automatic sign-off, you’re information is always safe — it’s like having a bank vault online.
  • Encryption turns meaningful words and phrases into coded language. Everything that you do during your Online Banking session becomes a string of unrecognizable numbers before entering the Internet. Your account information will read as gibberish to everyone but you and our financial institution. All of your Online Banking sessions will be encrypted. We employ the strongest forms of cryptography that are commercially available for use over the Internet.
  • Once inside the Online Banking site, our use of SSL technology keeps you and your account information secure. SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer.” This technology allows users to establish sessions with secure Internet sites – meaning they have minimal risk of external violation.


From the moment account information leaves your computer to the time it enters the Online Banking system, we take numerous steps to ensure your information is secure in cyberspace. We make sure only authorized people with secure browsers can access our system.
  • You must enter your password, and we must verify it before you are allowed to access your accounts.
  • Only browsers supporting the SSL security protocol can be used to log on to our system.


Once online, we make sure only you can view any information about your accounts.
  • SSL uses a digital signature to make sure that no one can send you false information; your browser will only accept information from the Online Banking system.
  • SSL also uses the highest level of encryption supported by your browser to encrypt all information before it is sent. This ensures that only the browser that logged on can read any information the system supplies.
  • Whenever SSL is securing your communications, the browser will typically indicate this secure session by changing the appearance of a small icon of a padlock at the bottom of the screen from “open” to “locked”.


We take numerous steps to keep your account information secure. However, you must take precautions as well.
  • Choose a good password – Your online password, along with your access ID, authenticate you when you begin an Online Banking session. You should carefully select a password that is hard to guess. You should not use personal information or a word that can be found in the dictionary.
  • Keep your password safe – Even the best password is worthless if it’s written on a note attached to your computer or in your checkbook. Memorize your password and never tell it to anyone. We do not need your password to help you, so we will never ask you for it.
  • Change your password regularly – It’s important to change your password regularly. Every time you choose a new password, the Online Banking system runs a quick program to test it. If we can guess it, we will immediately ask you to choose another one.
  • Remember to sign-off properly – You may not always be at your own computer when you bank online. Therefore, it’s important to sign off when you’re finished banking.


Legacy Bank may contact you in regards to suspicious activity related to your account, but we will never ask you for your login-in credentials over the phone or via email.
  • For more security information and tips click the Digital Tools link at
  • If you notice suspicious activity on your account, notify us immediately. You can contact us by calling (316) 260-3711, by emailing through online banking, or by visiting your local branch.