Legacy Bank – Pay A Person

Here’s how you can send money to anyone by using the “Pay a Person feature in bill pay.


  1. Log into your online banking and go to the “Bills & Payments” Section.
  2. iPay will then open. Select “Pay a Person” along the black toolbar.
  3. There are 3 options to pay a person. Our P2P option is the first on the list. It uses the Payee’s email/text for communication. Click on the radio button to the left of this option. This payment states it can be made within 1-2 business days, but it is determined by the time it takes for the Payee to respond to the message and enter his/her account information.
  4. Enter the name and cell phone/email of the Payee. Make sure all fields with an * are completed.
  5. The system will then verify the information entered before sending anything to the Payee. The screen below will show and may take several seconds.
  6. Create a password to send to the Payee. The Payee will need to enter this keyword when they get the notice that you want to send them money. The notice will be sent fairly quickly, so make sure the payee is notified timely.
  7. If the payee the payment is being sent to is a new payee, you will have to activate the payee to complete the process. Select which number an activation code should be sent to and then click next. The activation code is typically sent by an automated phone call. The Payee will now show up on your “Pay to” list showing a status of “Awaiting payee action”. Payee will need to click link to enter key phrase and account information. Once account information has been set up by the Payee, they will receive a notice that set up is complete. You will then get an email to notify you a payment can be sent.
  8. Now that the Payee is activated and they have set up their account, you will see them in your Pay to list of Payees. Enter the amount you want to send as well as the date to send the payment. Press Pay.
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