“Pay a Person” With Online Banking For Free

Safely send money directly to friends, family members, coworkers, and more with our free Legacy Bank Pay a Person (P2P) online banking feature. Learn how to enroll in online banking 

Step 1

Log In to Online Banking

Log in to your Legacy Bank online banking account and select “Bills & Payments” from the menu bar.

Step 2

Pay a Person

Select “Pay a Person” from the black toolbar.

Step 3

Select "P2P"

There are three different options on this page to choose from. Our P2P option is the first on the list and uses the payee’s email or phone number for electronic communications. Click on the button to the left of this option. By clicking this button, the payment can be made within one to two business days but may be affected by the time it takes the payee to respond with his/her account information.

Step 4

Enter Contact Information

Enter the payee contact information. The system will verify the information entered before sending payment to the payee.

Step 5

Create a Keyword

Create a keyword and send your chosen keyword to your payee. The system will not automatically send the keyword to your payee. The payee will need to enter this code when they receive a payment notice. Since the notice will be sent out fairly quickly, make sure the payee is notified of the keyword security code in a timely manner.

Step 6

Activate the Payee

If the payee is new, you will have to activate the payee to complete the process. Select which phone number the activation code should be sent to and click “Next”. The activation code will be sent by an automated phone call.

Step 7

Payee Verification

Your payee will receive an email or text notification based on the preference you entered above. The payee will need to click on the verification link within the message, confirm their banking information, and enter your previously selected keyword.

Step 8


Once the payee is activated and has an account set up, you will see them in your “Pay to” list. Enter the amount you wish to send and the date you wish to send the payment. Select “Pay”.

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