Inspired by our local roots and passion for benefiting the communities we serve, Legacy Bank has created a special initiative. The initiative, Local Legacy, rewards cardholders just for spending money with local merchants!

Shop Local. Get Rewarded.

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Local Legacy Shop Local. Get Rewards.

Two Ways to Join

How To Join

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When you open ANY personal checking account with Legacy Bank, you may become a Local Legacy member. To receive discounts with more than 100 participating merchants. All you have to do is use your Legacy Bank debit card or the Local Legacy reward card you will receive when you open your account!

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From Sarah Snyder Suellentrop, Local Legacy Cardholder Thank goodness for Local Legacy! We’ve saved a ton of money with our card.
Local Legacy Shop Local. Get Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

discount What is the purpose of Local Legacy?

Local Legacy helps members of the community embrace and strengthen their commitment to support local area businesses. The card enacts a merchant-determined discount when presented by cardholders at member businesses.

discount How are “local businesses” defined?

We have defined “local businesses” as an establishment originating in the Wichita area and for which all major decisions are made locally.

discount How can I join?

As outlined above, you may join by opening ANY personal checking account with Legacy Bank or by paying $15 for a reward card. Cards may be purchased online or at any of our locations.

discount How do I know what businesses are participating in the Local Legacy program?

You can check our website, or subscribe to the newsletter.

Questions About Joining?

For more information, contact Alex Kruse of Legacy Bank at (316) 260-3711.

Jimmie's Diner - a Wichita favorite!

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