Identity Theft Basics

Identity theft is “a crime of deception involving the unauthorized use of another individual’s confidential identifying information” that has affected nearly 60 million Americans.

4 Most Common ways ID Thieves get your personal information

  • Steal your wallet or purse
  • Steal your mail
  • Rummage through your trash or public trash dumps
  • Fraudulent e-mails

Precautions you should take to prevent your identity from being stolen

  • Carefully monitor balances and statement of all accounts
  • Look for unexplained charges or withdrawals
  • Secure your passwords
  • Tear or shred any identifying information before throwing it away.
  • Update your virus protection on you PC and do not open strange files or emails from people or companies you don’t know
To verify your Social Security number is not compromised obtain a copy of your Credit Report
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