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For current deposit rates in the Wichita area, please call (316) 260-3711. For current rates in the Pratt area, please call (620) 672-6421.

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Deposit Account Schedule of Fees and Charges

Effective February 1, 2020

ScheduleFees & Charges
Account closing within 60 days of opening$10.00 per account
ATM transactions at non-Legacy Bank locations$1.00 per transaction
Bags - Zipper Bag$3.00 per bag
Bank Statement held for pickup$3.00 per statement
Duplicate Statements (mailed to multiple addresses)$5.00 each per month
Cashier’s Checks (excluding Club Account)$3.00 per check
Coin Counting - Account holdersno charge
Coin & Currency Orders - Account holdersno charge
Coin & Currency Orders - Commercial*$1.00 per order, $0.10 per roll, $0.25 per strap
Coin & Currency Deposits - Commercial* $0.10 per $100
Collections (Incoming & Outgoing)$25.00 per item
Counter Checks$5.00 (10 checks)
Dormant Account $5.00 per month
Fax - Incoming$2.00 per page
Fax - Outgoing$2.00 per page
Foreign Items Deposited$5.00 per item
Garnishments$25.00 per order
Return Item Charge**$30.00 per item
Night Depository Locked Bag$25.00 per bag
Night Depository - Keys$5.00 per key; first two at no charge
Night Depository - Key Replacement$5.00 per key
Notary Service - Non Customer$5.00 per item
Medallion Stamp Transaction$5.00 each
Overdraft Charge**$30.00 per item
Continuous Overdraft Charge - Commercial Accounts only$10.00 per business day beginning on the 5th consecutive business day that your account is overdrawn $1,000.00
Photocopy (black & white)$0.25 per copy
Quick History$1.00 per request
Research Charge / 1 hr Minimum$25.00 per hour
Returned Deposited Item$5.00 per item
Safe Deposit Box Drilling$150.00 per box
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key Charge$20.00 per key
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee$5.00 after 30 days delinquent
Special Account Handling$20.00 per month
Special Cutoff Statement$15.00 per statement
Stop Payments & Renewals$30.00 per item
Tax Levy$25.00 per order
Wire Transfer - Incoming$15.00 per request
Wire Transfer - Domestic - Outgoing$20.00 per request
Wire Transfer - International - Outgoing$50.00 per request

* Applies to commercial customers under account analysis
** Return Item Charge and Overdraft Charge includes all items created by
check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means. Charges apply to all checking and savings accounts. $150.00 daily Overdraft Charge Cap (excludes Returned Item charges) per account; applies to Consumer Accounts only. Continuous overdraft charge applies to commercial accounts only.

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Annual pricing below is for new Safe Deposit Boxes.

3 x 5$18
4 x 5$20
5 x 5$25
3 x 10$30
4 x 10$35
5 x 10$40
5 x 10$50
10 x 10$60
Replace Lost Key$20
Lock Replacement / Drilling$150